Are muscle cramps cramping your style? It seems no one is completely safe from the muscle spasm, but what is going on behind the pain?

Muscle fibers shorten and lengthen back up when they contract. Cramps occur when the muscle fibers stay shortened, causing tension along with the all-too familiar irritable, squeezing sensation.

It is a muscular response to fatigue and over exertion that can happen to anyone.

So how can we prevent them?


A dehydrated muscle is very prone to muscle cramps. Dehydration has a huge effect on performance, and will cause the body/muscle tissues to overheat much more rapidly. This combination is another factor in causing muscle cramps. 

When active in high temperatures, make sure to stay hydrated!


Electrolytes play a key role in water retention, as well as muscle function. During exercise, electrolytes are lost via sweat, with sodium and potassium being two of the key electrolytes that are depleted.

This deficiency is believed to be a major factor in causing susceptibility to muscle cramp. Bananas are packed with potassium and can be eaten before a workout to prevent tha painful spasm!

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When small nerves in our muscles get fatigued, cramping can occur. Plyometrics (jumping drills) a few times a week after a workout can help keep these nerves in our muscles from tiring. Do them a few times a week after working out to help prevent cramping!


Doing your stretches properly can help keep cramps at bay. Keep things flexible and stretch the spot when pain begins!


If an activity is constantly causing a muscle to stretch beyond its comfortable range of motion, this can be a factor leading to cramping.

Try a combination of stretching work one or twice per week!

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