The EHPFit Challenge Australia/New Zealand officially commences on Monday 21st January!

You'll get access to our exclusive EHPFit Challenge private Facebook group, Training WebApp, numerous E-books, and of course training videos and delicious recipes.

See the Timeline below for key dates.



Entrants of this Challenge must be residents of Australia or New Zealand.


8 Weeks - Starting on 21st January.


14 January - Facebook Group Access
17 January - Online Training Platform - Access Unlocked
21 January - Challenge Start Date
23 January - Week 1 Check-in Due
20 February - Week 4 Check-in Due
17 March - Challenge End Date
20 March - Final Check-in Due


In order to go into the running for one of the cash prizes you will need to:

- Submit weekly progress photos (holding the week # on a piece of paper, a competition hashtag and a weight log.)
- Submit weekly weight logs
- Engage with social media channels & FB community ($100,000 EHPFit Challenge Facebook forum, etc.)

The winners are split into male and female for each category and will be selected based on the following criteria: Overall transformation ( eg. increased lean mass, decreased body fat, overall weight loss) during the 8-weeks (50%), along with their engagement, motivation and support within the FB community and associated social media channels (50%).

1st Prize (male & female) - $30,000

2nd Prize (male & female) - $15,000

3rd Prize (male & female) - $5,000



EHPFit caters to regular or vegetarian diets.

For any further specific requirements, advice will be provided on how you can substitute your meals. You can find this information in the User Guide that's available on the EHPFit Challenge online training platform.



Your workout plan is tailored to you basedoffyour gender, fitness goals, and experience level.

You’ll be able to access them on the EHPFit Challenge online training platform. Experience level options will be available.


24 hoursupport will be provided by the EHPFit support team on fitchallenge@ehplabs.com. In addition, our support team will also be answering any questions asked on the EHPFit private Facebook group which opens on the14th January.

Be sure to check your emails for weekly educational and motivational support!

I am a beginner / advanced, can I take part?

Yes! The training plans are based on experience level in order to cater forall challengers, so no matter what your training experience you can participate.


Which goal should I choose?

Weight Loss - If you are aiming to lose weight overall or body fat.

Muscle Building - If you are aiming to gain muscle, choose the muscle building goal.

Our meal and workout plans are designed to provide youtheright amount of calories in relation to how many you should be burning.


Will I require gym access to do this challenge?

This is a gym-based program, so you’ll need access to a commercial gym, with machines, dumbbells and cardio equipment.


Meal Plan - Are you catering for dietary requirements or preferences?

At this stagewe are only able to cater to regular or vegetarian diets. However, we have provided advice on how you can substitute your meals in the user guide that will be available in theEHPFit Challenge online training platform.

Workout Plan - Will everyonebegiven the same workout plans?

Your workout plan will be picked based on experience level. Beginners will be doing a different program than experienced challengers.

Can I sign up after the start date?

You can jump on board up until the 25th January, however you will not be able to sign up after this. To be in the running to win the $100,000 in prizes, sign up before 25th January.

How many meals per day?

The plan contains 3 meals per day plus 2 snacks. You can sip on Beyond BCAAs throughout theday,since they won’t affect your Caloric intake. In addition, PSI, RP MAX and OxyShred are almost 0 Calories, so can be used at your discretion through the challenge.

Do I have to follow the meal plan or can I do my own?

You do not have to follow the meal plan,howeverwe recommend you do, as it is tailored to suit your needs as well as goals, and will provide adequate nutrition and calories to support you achieving your best results.

Do I need to use supplements?

No, you can complete the challenge completely without supplements. However, we do recommend one of the $100,000 EHPFit Challenge Stacks available at your local retailer to maximise your progress throughout the challenge.

I am pregnant, can I participate in this challenge?

If you wish to participate in the $100,000 EHPFit Challenge it’s essential that you seek medical clearance from your doctor prior to commencing the challenge.

I’m breastfeeding, can I participate in the challenge?

If you wish to participate in the $100,000 EHPFit Challenge, it’s essential you seek medical clearance from your doctor prior to commencing the challenge, especially those that are breastfeeding.

There are often contraindications to particular exercises post-childbirth and your energy requirements may not be catered for in the prescribed meal plan. For further advice, you can contact support at fitchallenge@ehplabs.com.

Do I need to join a gym?

Yes, in order to get the maximum benefits of this challenge you would needan access to a gym.

Is this workout customised or adjustable to my needs?

The workout plans are customised to your goal and experience level. You can then adjust the weight you use to suit your needs. We will not be customising plans beyond what you receive. If you are struggling with the weight, or have any enquiries about customising your plans, contact support at fitchallenge@ehplabs.com.

I can’t do a specific exercise, do you have an alternative?

If you have short-term injuries or do not have access to a required piece of equipment you can contact our support team at fitchallenge@ehplabs.com and they will help you find alternatives.

Where canipurchase my supplements?

Head to the supplements tab in the app to see your closest retailer.

Where canifind the link to purchase my supplement stack?

You can find the link to purchase your supplement stack on the bottom of your confirmation email. Simply click on the logo of your preferred retailer to be taken to the EHPlabs supplements.

The link for my supplements retailer doesn’t work?

This may be due to your chosen retailer not having a website. In these cases, you will need to go to the store to purchase your supplements. If you would prefer to purchase online we would recommend heading over to https://www.mrsupplement.com.au/ehp-labs where you can find all of the challenge stacks.